How to Choose a Good Jogging Stroller

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to do all the things that we want.  On the one hand, we are no longer satisfied as easily as we were as kids.  We are not happy to simply play, hang out, and do a little bit of schoolwork.  We have professional lives, serious hobbies, vacations, retirement funds, and kids of our own.  This is why it is important to save time whenever we can.

My jogging stroller lets me do just that.  You see, I’ve been a longtime jogger, and when I first had my kid it was difficult for me to give it up.  I used to go running for two hours every morning, but being a father has certain obligations that seriously cut into my time.  I had never even thought about a jogger stroller; I figured that I would just have to permanently give up one of my favorite hobbies.

Soon after my daughter had her first birthday, however, I ran into an old friend training for a marathon.  He had had twins, and I thought he’d given up running like I had, but there he was pushing a baby jogger double stroller.  He was happy as can be, and as athletic as ever.  I realized that I needed to get a jogging stroller of my very own.

The first few times out with jogging strollers can be a bit disconcerting.  When I first used my jogging stroller, I was terrified that I would tip it over with the baby in it.  Fortunately, I had little to worry about.  My jogging stroller was one of the best ones on the market.  It had smooth, frictionless wheels, good suspension, and a wide frame that made spills almost impossible.  I would never take my kid along on a bike seat, but a jogging stroller seems like a very safe bet.  I would be surprised if a jogging stroller is any more dangerous than any other kind.  It seems perfectly safe to me.

Best of all, my daughter absolutely loves the jogging stroller.  Although the first time she used it, she was a little bit scared, now she is excited to go on a jog with me.  The speed of the jog stroller is simply exhilarating to her, and the gentle bounce is a thrill as well.  And best of all, I get to exercise while spending time with my daughter.  There is nothing better for a new dad.