First Grade Lesson Plans

If your child goes to public or private school, you don’t have much to think about in the way of lesson plans. You probably what to know what your child is doing, and what they will be doing throughout the school year, but you are not worried about coming up with learning plans on your own. If you are going to home school your kids, as more and more people are doing, you are going to have to find things on your own. When you have a six year old child, you are going to want to find some great first grade lesson plans to be sure they are learning along with their school-going peers.

One of the best things about first grade lesson plans is that they can be a lot of fun. There is certainly many things to learn, but within this age group, learning has to be fun and interesting or you are going to lose their interest rather quickly. There is a lot to do, but you can do a lot of it by the way of games and challenges. This will keep them interested in learning, and they may learn more than they realize. In fact, they may not even realize that they are learning anything because they are having such a good time. If you can find first grade lesson plans that include fun and games, you have found something valuable.

While you are finding fun first grade lesson plans, you also have to be sure they are up to your school districts learning requirements. The lessons that you learned in first grade when you were a child are now things they are doing in kindergarten. I have found that most of what my daughter is doing in her first year of school are things that I did not learn at her age. You really have to know what is going on and what is required when finding first grade lesson plans so that your child will not fall behind. Think about finding fun lessons that are right on par with your local school system. You can go more advanced, but don’t allow them to fall behind.

You can always find sets of first grade lesson plans for home schooling that have been tried and have been successful. You can find books in your local bookstore, and you can look around online for some great resources. There are many home schooling websites that have popped up to help parents just like you, and they can help you find lesson plans for first graders that you will love. Ask your school district for guidelines, and then take your time searching for what works best for you and your child or children.