Cheerleading Camps for Kids

Though you would never look at me today and think I was a cheerleader when I was growing up, I was for a few years. I may have been all the way through high school, but I moved around too much and it never worked out for me. My personality is such that people are shocked when they hear that I once did this, as I guess I seem like one of the last people on earth they think would cheer. I don’t think it is who I am now, but I remember that cheerleading camps were some of the best memories that I have, and they taught me much more than just about cheerleading in general.

The thing about cheerleading camps is that they do concentrate on teaching skills, cheers, and better ways to stay in shape. Those are all great things, but there is so much more to it. I remember that we tended to have a lot of free time, and we were supposed to use that time for what we thought was best. Being new to the cheerleading camps scene the first time around, we tended to go off and do whatever. We should have been practicing. That lesson in time management stuck with me for a long time. We got an award for most improved that year, but I honestly didn’t believe that we earned it.

I was young when I first went to cheerleading camps. Most think of these as things you do in high school, but I was twelve when I went. That meant that I was very interested in things other than cheerleading. There were some boys there, and I was very interested in what was going on in that regard. There were girls from all over my general geographical region, so I was curious about meeting new people. There was nothing wrong with that, but it did take away from my focus.

Cheerleading camps can be about learning how to interact with others and how to make the best of the free time that you are given. If you child is in cheerleading, and this come up, don’t dismiss sending them away for cheerleading camps right off the bat. They can get more from this than you can imagine, and those things might just be lessons that they take with them through life. I know that in my case this was exactly what happened to me. I am no longer cheerleader material, that much I know, but I learned a lot from the experience that still is with me today.